Career Goals

Here is a list of all of my career goals, which I will add, update and subtract as I continue in my veterinary journey. Entries that are bold are already completed!

  • Give an oral medication    
  • Give a subcutaneous injection
  • Give an intramuscular injection
  • Give an intravenous injection
  • Insert a catheter in a dog
  • Insert a catheter in a cat
  • Intubate a dog without a laryngoscope 
  • Intubate a cat without a laryngoscope
  • Assist a surgery solo
  • Perform radiographs on an animal
  • Perform a cat castrate
  • Perform any routine elective surgery
  • Perform a dental surgery
  • Perform a non-routine surgery
  • Perform an emergency surgery
  • Perform an orthopaedic surgery