I’m Sophie Elizabeth Mead. 


I’m eighteen years old and I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m currently working as a Trainee Nurse at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital, completing my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, and completing my High School Certificate.

Following my HSC, I’m going to study Veterinary Medicine at university, hopefully starting next year. Since I was a child, being a veterinarian has been my one and only career wish, and I plan on working hard until I achieve it.

And what about me? I’m stubborn, highly strung, easily stressed, very loving, determined, and trusting.

I have a history of mental illness, being diagnosed with both clinical depression and borderline personality disorder in my past, but I am presently in absence of both, quite thankfully. Some days are difficult, some days I don’t even want to get out of bed. But I do. And why?

Because going to work is mentally relieving because I love working with animals and every milestone is an achievement. Getting up and studying might be hard sometimes but I know that it’s leading me to become a veterinarian.


From my blog you can expect stories from work, stories about my life, advice posts, and a few posts of me expressing feelings when I feel like everything is all weighing down on me.

As a teenager in this generation, stress and pressure is something I feel very strongly and something that I’m sure many others can relate to. I hope that at least some of my posts can help you or even cheer you up in the slightest.

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