Meet the Clan

Welcome back to SeeingSophie!

Today’s post is an introduction to all of the furry family currently in my life. After reading through them all, you make think I’m a crazy animal lady…. That’s because I am!

These animals mean everything to me and are a large contributor to my happiness in life. I have no favourites (except Daisy, of course), and they all form a piece of the puzzle that make up the Mead family.

I’m so happy to welcome you to them all, please enjoy all of the photos!

1.   Angus


Birman – 8 years old – Feline

Angus has been in the Mead family the longest. He was the first long haired cat I had ever known and when we first got him I thought it was the best thing in the world. Angus is a pure bred Birman who was only taken away from his show-cat family because of a single white dot on his chin. He has attached himself to my sister, Emily, but loves me as well. He is highly affectionate and has never bitten anybody (so far). Angus loves to be picked up and in a room where there are people, and will become highly vocal when he is lonely/hungry/literally anything he feels he needs to speak about.

2. Casper

Ragdoll – 5 years old – Feline

Casper is the second oldest member of the Mead clan and was a nice addition to be a friend to Angus. This didn’t work, though, because the two don’t get along very well. He loves to be patted and sit next to people, but he doesn’t like to sit on people, or get picked up. Casper loves our dogs and will constantly rub against them to be licked and patted. His hair is very fine and gets matted very easily so is in need of constant brushing. Casper fades into the background sometimes because he isn’t as affectionate as the other cats, but we love him just the same.

3. Daisy

Domestic Short Hair – 1 year 9 months old – Feline

You know how parents say they don’t have favourites but really they do? Well Daisy is my favourite. She is the first cat that was truly mine, and not just a part of the family. She was hand reared and we bought her for $20 off Gumtree when she was 8 weeks old. Daisy is an inside-outside cat and has the strangest voice you’ve ever heard from a cat. She’s incredibly affectionate and never leaves my side. She sleeps on my bed, and I often wake up to her curled up on my chest. Late last year she went missing and I found her 2 months later. Daisy is my miracle cat and I don’t know how I would cope without her.

4. Tallulah

Ragdoll – 9 months old – Feline

Tallulah was originally bought because of my distress when Daisy went missing, but was my eighteenth birthday present and also a cat that is truly mine. She is loving, affectionate, and her voice can be described best as being a ‘squeak.’ She’s basically famous for all of her cameos on my sister’s Instagram page, but is also our fattest cat. Tallulah goes mostly by ‘Lou,’ and is very shy with strangers, choosing mostly to hide beneath the couch. I was the sole nurse on Tallulah’s surgery, from knock down to recovery, so I feel especially close with her. (She can’t top Daisy though, let’s be honest here). She has quite a character and is certainly treated as the baby of the family.

5 & 6. Teddy and Trixie

Cavoodle – 3 years old – Canine


Trixie – 3 years old – Canine

I grouped these two together because they are inseparable in every way. Teddy is the black cavoodle, and Trixie is the terrier cross. Teddy was an expensive little boy that Mum bought as an impulse buy, and Trixie was a little free-to-good-home puppy we bought when she was a tiny little 6 weeks old. The two were bought within a month of each other and have been together ever since. When one of them needs to see the vet, the other must go with them or they will cry until they are reunited. When I bathe them, I have to have them in the shower with me together or they get separation anxiety. At the dog park, they are both fiercely protective of one another (sometimes this is a bad thing), and always have each others’ backs.

7. Clive

Long-Necked Turtle – Approximately 5 years old – Reptile

Clive is the newest member of the family and was adopted when a family friend could no longer look after him. He lives in our pond with all of his feeder fish and fits well into the family. The cats love to look at him and touch his shell, and he’s very inquisitive and pops his head up for attention. He’s quite quiet at the moment, but that’s because it’s winter and his cold blood keeps him chilly. If any of you have tips for reptile care feel free to leave them in the comments, as Clive is the first reptile I’ve ever owned!

So there we go, there’s an introduction to my furry family, who I’m sure will all feature in future posts. Let me know the names/breeds/ages of your pets in the comments below!

Love always,
Sophie xx




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