On Why I Want to be a Vet

Welcome back to SeeingSophie!

I’ve completed my HSC Trial exams now and so now I’ve got a few months off before the big thing! I’m 50% excited and 50% nervous and 100% stressed. But as everybody (and I mean, literally everybody) keeps telling me, all I can do is my best.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to become a veterinarian, and that desire has only grown as I’ve gotten older.

Here are a few of the big milestones I’ve had for why I want to be a vet.

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What It’s Like to Have Insomnia

A very warm welcome back to SeeingSophie!

I’ve written two posts that aren’t over a week apart! It’s a miracle!

I actually wrote these less than five minutes apart, to be perfectly honest, because I had a day off and wanted to use my time doing something productive for once. So here is post number 2 in what will hopefully be an indefinite string of regular posts.

There are a few different types of insomnia, and I was originally diagnosed with what is called ‘comorbid’ insomnia. This type is basically when the insomnia comes secondary to another mental condition: this being my depression. When the doctors realised that my insomnia came way before I suffered from any mental illness, they changed my diagnosis: 

Chronic insomnia. 

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Aesthetic Self Improvement: Part 2

As always, welcome back to SeeingSophie!

AGAIN, sorry for being a bit MIA but I’ve had my trial exams and everything is a little bit crazy at the moment. I’ve got my last one on Monday and then I’m free until HSC though, so hopefully I can be uploading a bit more often!!

Today I’m going to follow up from my Part 1 of Aesthetic Self Improvement, which you can find here. 

My first post was all about how I found makeup when I left school, and how I used it to make myself feel more confident and sure of myself, but how I’m also much more comfortable in my skin than I was previously. 

Today’s post is about physical activity, and how I’ve used it to also make me feel less self conscious about how I look. 

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10 Tips for Coping with Mental Illness

Welcome back to SeeingSophie!

Today’s blog post is on a topic that is very near and dear to my heart: mental illness. As a pre-warning, this post is going to be quite personal and confronting and so if you’re faint of heart or going to be affected by reading it then I would advise to finish reading now. 

As a rule, I don’t like discussing topics of which I haven’t personally experienced, and so today’s post will be on the following:



Borderline Personality Disorder

I’m going to give you all a quick outline of each so that you understand what each of these terms mean. This is especially important for #3, because I believe that it is often overlooked in adolescents with mental illness. 

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On Fatigue

Welcome back to SeeingSophie!

Sorry for being MIA recently, but I’ve had exams recently, as well as a tonne of overtime at work because of sick colleagues AND patients.

Today I thought about something that influences everybody in the veterinary industry: fatigue. 

Much like any healthcare worker, working in veterinary science means that vets, vet nurses, and vet techs often suffer from fatigue, and I find that this is often mislabelled as ‘compassion fatigue.’

No matter how much I work, and expend my compassion for countless animals, I never seem to be lacking in empathy. 

What I do suffer from, however, is fatigue. 

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On Relationships

Welcome back to SeeingSophie!

Many young adults of today (including myself) are constantly thinking about relationships, dating, sex, and everything that goes with it, so I thought what’s better than to post about my personal experiences?

Relationships can be good, they can be fantastic, they can be mediocre, and they can be incredibly abusive.

Sometimes one relationship can be all of these and more. 

I’ve had multiple relationships in the past, all since I was 6 years old, but obviously I don’t count any of the so-called ‘relationships’ I had when I was just an infant. I consider myself as having only three important relationships, and they have all occurred within the past 5 years. 

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Aesthetic Self Improvement Part 1

For me, I have always struggled with self conscious issues, always hating what I’ve looked like and been embarrassed to be seen in public for many reasons. 

Recently, I have decided to let go of this obsession I had on what other people thought of me, but that didn’t change the fact that I wanted to try and make myself look better for my own happiness. 

This is Part 1 of (currently) 2 on my journey in aesthetic self improvement, with Part 2 on my gym/swimming improvements which I hope to be up later this week or early next week. 

Firstly: On Makeup. 

I didn’t become interested at all in makeup until I left school, and so it’s probably quite a shock when people see me for the first time since the school halls, as I look like quite a different person. 

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